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NYC Snapshot: How to Hit The Highlights

It isn’t that there’s no perfect way to see New York City for the first time, it’s that there are too many perfect ways. The good news is that there are so many fabulous places to see, eat, and stay that it’s hard to go wrong. Here’s one way to spend your first day.

Where to Stay: Choose The Standard on Washington Street for a clean and comfortable room, attentive room service, and a host of amenities. The views of the Hudson River and downtown NYC will let you know that you’ve really arrived in the Big Apple.

Where to Eat: It’s a tough call; you can get any type of food you want in New York City, and it’s definitely worth checking out the cuisine in Chinatown or Little Italy. But for American style food, visit The Dutch on Sullivan Street. For a hearty surf and turf meal, choose the cracked rock crab claws, the 18 oz. New York strip steak, and a side of housemade fries.

What to See: Unless you have plenty of time, skip the long lines leading to the top of the Empire State Building. Instead, head to the Rockefeller Center for the Top of the Rock Observation Deck experience. You won’t have to wait nearly as long for your turn to have an unobstructed view of the dazzling city, and you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

Only in New York: It isn’t fun in the same way that many of the popular NYC attractions are, but the powerful 9/11 Memorial and Museum is breathtaking, and something no American should miss out on seeing.

This is only a tiny snapshot of everything NYC has to offer, but it’s a great start.

Sample Post: Travel

The Three Stops You Must Make in Scotland

If you’re planning on visiting Scotland, you’re in for a real treat. This is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, and there is any number of things to see and do here. In fact, there is so much to do that you may have trouble narrowing it down if your vacation time is short. With that in mind, here are the top three stops you need to make while you’re in bonnie Scotland.

  • The Isle of Skye. This island, the best known of the Inner Hebrides off the West coast of the mainland, is a popular Scottish destination that is renowned for its natural beauty. There’s something here for everyone. Nature lovers will delight in the variety of wildlife and the gorgeous native plants and flowers. Art enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that Skye has several galleries featuring talented local artists. If you can, stay in one of the local bed and breakfasts and spend a few days exploring the island.
  • The Cairngorms. The Cairngorms, a stunning mountain range located in the East Highlands, are a major draw for any ski buffs.  The stunning mountain range makes for some gorgeous photo ops, and experienced skiers will have the benefit of the black slopes of the Cairngorm mountains, a unique and exciting experience.
  • Stirling Castle. Though perhaps less well known than the popular Edinburgh castle, this dazzling historic structure is a worthwhile visit for anyone interested in Scottish history. For a small fee, you’ll gain a unique insight into the lives of Scotland’s Renaissance royals. Explore the Great Hall, the palace vaults, the royal chapel, and more. This national symbol of Scottish independence will reveal the lives of knights and nobles in detail that you’ll have to see to believe.

While you’re there, be certain to try some traditional Scottish fare. Mince ‘n’ tatties (a dish of mashed up mince, potatoes, and gravy) comes highly recommended. And you’ll also want to drink some Irn Bru, a Scottish soft drink that is highly popular among native Scots. The time that you spend basking in the Scottish culture will leave you with memories that will last a life time.

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How to Experience Louisville, Kentucky

You may know the city of Louisville best for being the namesake of the famous baseball bat, the Louisville Slugger. However, the city has a lot more to offer than just baseball. Named after the French King Louis XVI, Louisville has a long history that dates back to the 1700s and remains an important Kentucky city and a popular spot for U.S. travelers for a variety of reasons. If your upcoming vacation is going to take you near the city of Louisville sometime soon, you’ll need these tips on where to stay, where to eat, and what to see.

  • Where to Stay: For a weekend of at and culture, book one of the beautiful rooms in the 21C Museum Hotel. Explore the hotel’s latest art exhibit, currently a collection of contemporary photography from locations around the world. The museum offers a free guided tour with docent twice a week. When you’ve had your fill of art work, spend some time relaxing with a Swedish massage at the hotel spa or pump up your heart rate by doing some cardio at the fitness center.
  • Where to Eat: For a dining experience that is pure Kentucky, visit Louisiana’s Hillbilly Tea. In addition to the array of black, green, earth, and mountain teas that the tea cafe sells, they also serve a pretty good dinner. The dishes have colorful names like Roadkill Stew and Big Earl’s Braised Lamb, but don’t let that stop you. Try the Billy Goat Mussels for the table and the grilled rainbow trout for an entree. Don’t forget to try a cup of the cafe’s famous tea; for something unexpected, try the Smoky Mountain Chai or the Morning Dew.
  • What to See: Louisville is the home to the Kentucky Derby, so if you plan to visit the city in the spring, that is without a doubt the place to be. However, Louisville is home to many other exciting attractions as well. Take a river cruise on the famous steamboat The Belle of Louisiana, or visit the Muhammed Ali Center to learn about the life and philosophy of the Louisville born boxer. And of course, baseball fans won’t want to miss the Louisville Slugger Museum.


The possibilities are endless in Louisiana; this is in many ways a quintessential American city, and it’s a city that everyone should visit at least once.

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Majoring in Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a logical choice of major for problem solvers who enjoy technical work. A computer engineer’s job is to work with computer hardware, software, systems, and networks to improve the efficiency of all kinds of devices. Someone with a degree in computer engineering can find work in many fields including IT, the consumer electronics industry, and the video game industry. A computer engineer with a bachelor’s degree can command a starting salary above $60,000 annually. Bachelor’s students will need to study subjects like technical writing, microprocessor applications, engineering mechanics, and thermodynamics. Students can typically complete a bachelor’s degree in four years with between 120 and 130 credit hours of coursework. Ideally, students will begin working on this major early by taking introductory courses in their freshman or sophomore year in college.


Sample Post: Health and Fitness

Mix up Your Fitness Routine With High Intensity Interval Training

If you haven’t already heard of interval training, it’s time that you learned about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to work out seriously for the first time, getting back into a fitness routine after a long absence, or if you’re a seasoned fitness buff, high intensity interval training can work for you. The best news is that it doesn’t take very much time in order to see benefits from this kind of training. That means that no matter how busy your schedule happens to be, this is the kind of workout that you have time for. You can actually replace an hour on the treadmill with fifteen minutes of high intensity interval training and see the same or greater benefits.

The trick is to alternate short bursts of very intense activity with slightly longer periods of less strenuous activity. A good starter high intensity interval training routine is running and walking. Break your fifteen minutes up into five three-minute intervals. For the first minute, run as fast as you can. For the next two minutes, slow down to a jog, or even a walk. Do that five times, and you’ve completed fifteen minutes of high intensity interval training, and saved yourself an hour on the treadmill. At the gym, you can move from one machine or exercise to the next quickly, taking short breaks in between. For instance, move from Kettlebell squats to pull-ups to box jumps to jack knives, doing each exercise for 45 seconds apiece and resting for 15 seconds in between. Then jump rope for three minutes and rest for one. After that, you can move on to a different set of exercises. Four or five rounds like this, using various machines and equipment, will work out every muscle in your body in far less time than you would usually spend at the gym.

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Choose the Right Homecare Provider

Home healthcare is the right choice for many elderly and disabled patients. Many patients are better able to recuperate or maintain their health at home where they’re in a comfortable, non-institutional setting and surrounded by familiar things. However, good home healthcare hinges on finding the right home healthcare provider. There are two common ways to do this.

By far, the most common route is to hire a home healthcare agency to provide the medical personnel to care for the patient. This eliminates the need for the person arranging the homecare to check the background, references, and qualifications of multiple applicants. A good home healthcare agency should be able to provide detailed information about their selection process, the licenses and certifications held by their healthcare providers, and their background and screening process. When considering home health agencies, it’s important to ask specific questions. How do they handle it if a scheduled healthcare provider calls in sick? What kind of continuing education do their home health providers receive?

Another route is to choose a home healthcare provider privately. The person arranging the home care should be careful to check all references. Licenses and certifications for nurses and nurse aides can be looked up on state websites, and this is a way to find out if the applicants have any past complaints and if their credentials are current and valid. Personal interviews are also a must, and should include the patient if possible.

Sample Post: Conservation

Fast Facts About Recycling

Do you recycle? If not, why not? You might be surprised at how little extra effort green living takes, and at some of the benefits the it provides. Recycling isn’t difficult at all. First, you need to find out how your community handles recyclable material. You may have the option of leaving recyclables curbside to be picked up, or you may have to drop the materials off. You may even have the option of bringing your recyclables to a center that pays you for the material. Either way, it’s a simple matter of separating the recyclable material from the rest of your garbage and getting it to the recycling center. In doing so, you can reduce pollution, conserve energy, and even save jobs. Did you know that the recycling effort has kept 1.7 billion pounds of garbage out of landfills? Do your part, start recycling today.